Today is July 16, 2017, date on which elections have been called for the New World Order. As a citizen you have the right and the obligation to vote for one of the systems which will rule your life for the next 4 years (in the New World Order you live what you vote). Here you'll know roughly the electoral programs for each of the options that run for the elections and which try to attract your vote. Once read and decided on an option you can proceed to vote here.

1. Plannees Party

Sisters and brothers, after decades our dream has come true. We finally finished capitalism off! Free market and anything related to it have been buried forever! Money, source of all evil, has been removed from our lives! Our perfect society does not need it because all of us, sisters and brothers live and work for the common good, the public good, for the good of our society.

Sister, brother, vote “plannee” and you will enjoy a world without violence, without inequality, without poverty, without hunger, without unemployment, without hardship, without envy. You will only have to work where the Central Planning Office decides and everything else will be provided by our State: education, health care, transportation, fun... everything, absolutely everything you need in your day to day will be provided by the State, thanks to the work of all the sisters and brothers who through a formidable planning configure perfectly our advanced society.

The Plannees Party has finally listened to the people, after decades of being ignored, and has brought the planned paradise on Earth. Sister, brother, choose planned and live in a Brave New World.

2. Semi-plannees Party

Do you want to enjoy the wonders of planning and at the same time have some of your salary to obtain some consumer products? Do you want to choose your profession but simultaneously enjoy all the free services of the state? Then vote for Semi-plannees Party!

All services he well known Welfare State will be provided totally free!: health care, education, pensions, unemployment benefits and any subsidies of any kind! You can enjoy 25% of your salary or benefits of your professional activity to consume the products you want, which will also be produced by semi-planned brothers to protect our jobs from the aggressions of foreign markets and competitors. And while those products pay a 75 % VAT, don´t worry because prices will be controlled by the Semi-plannees Government so that they cannot rise!

In addition, unlike the plannees, you can also choose to exercise your profession or economic activity without working for the state, except in areas reserved exclusively for state activity and which are the core of our Welfare State: medicine only may be exercised by the State, because health is not business, and the same with other services. Our Semi-Plannees Central Bank will ensure that we never run out of money in circulation, money needed to satisfy all our needs. Don´t think anymore: choose semi-plannee and you will enjoy a pure Welfare State, without interference of capitalism!

3. Traditionalists party

May the grace of God, Allah, Yahweh be with you and your families, dear parishioners. Vote for the Traditionalists Party and you´ll be able together with your families, after many years desiring it, to live a life according to your faith, without any licentious interference.

The Traditionalists Party shall ensure that all traditional citizens maintain a decent and dignified behavior, according to Scripture. In the economic section you can enjoy the same financial freedom that you enjoyed before the Great Chaos. Only 50% of your salary or business profits and a 50% VAT tax will be confiscated as state tithes to pay for the needs of religious communities and the public services provided by the Church: health care, education and care for the most unfortunate people. Economic activity in general will be free within the limits of what our Religious Police considers decent.

On the other hand, on the social aspect we shall pluck sharply vice and perversion from our society: those fleshpots called bars and nightclubs shall be closed; men and women shall dressed decently and the last ones shall serve their husbands and obey them as stated the Holy Scriptures; homosexuality, abortion, divorce and apostasy will be banned and their practice will be punished with harsh prison penances, even with life sentences.

Come to the Traditionalists Party dear voters, and you will finally enjoy a full life of service to the Lord.

4. Natural Party

Dear human beings entitled to vote: we are pleased to present the broad outlines of the Natural Party program. For the elaboration of our program only natural processes and materials have been employed, with no technology involved, technology that harms our beloved planet Earth. And that is the main idea of our program of political action: to abandon everything that is not "natural".

If you want to live in a world without pesticides, without factories, without medicines controlled by multinationals that harm the environment, without polluting technology products, without nuclear power or any other sort of polluting energy! If you want to live a life in full harmony with nature, using only products that the land offers, either for lunch, for dressing or for living; using only homemade and spiritual healing or homeopathic remedies to keep our bodies and souls healthy... your vote is for the Natural Party.

Come with us to the countryside to enjoy the wonders of the natural world without technology. Become a Natural!

5. The "Freemen"

You are free. You are the sole owner of your life and you are also last responsible and accountable one for all your decisions, for better and for worse. There is no bureaucracy, no State, no taxes, no restrictions or regulations, but there are also no public services, grants or subsidies. We do not promise to give you anything, but you will be totally free to develop your productive activity in the best way you want and you can live your life the best way you consider.

We have not politicians, officials or rulers: our Government is the Rule of Law, derived by the first two articles of the Constitution of the New Order:

First Article: Every citizen has the inalienable right to life and freedom.

Second Article: The only limits to the inalienable rights of First Article shall be determined by the same inalienable rights to life and liberty of other citizens.

Choose to be free, choose to be a ‘freemen’.

If you want to learn more about each of these options and the world of Perfectopia, here we explain to you how to obtain it (published in Spanish, soon also available in English).