Perfectopía also introduces new ideas and new ways of applying technology to our lives, new ways of organizing our work and our leisure time, new ways to travel and to communicate, new ways of dressing and acquiring products, new ways to pay, to save and to invest, new ways to optimize energy resources and potable water, new and better ways to spend our time.

Perfectopía opens a whole new range of possibilities, some more realistic and which only require a change in our way of thinking, some more futuristic but inspired by current technological developments. Einstein said “What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice”. However Perfectopía presents all these new possibilities, destroying atoms and prejudices, as if they were already here, so you can enjoy them at least within the book. There may always be someone who takes some of those ideas and bring them to real life.

We do not want to reveal anything more about the book because the goal is you to discover everything for yourself, together with the protagonists of our history.

Welcome to Perfectopía.