Governing philosophy

The world has changed a lot in the last 200 years. Technological development, especially in the last 20 ones, has radically changed the way in which we interact among us and between we and our environment. The technology is now able to bring real-time information anywhere in the world, from its source to our mobile terminals. The development of communications and the Internet has managed to potentially connect any two people regardless of their location on the globe. We changed the way we read, watch movies, buy and listen to music. We have changed the way we organize, work and plan our holidays. We have changed the world in almost every single aspect.

However we still use the same structures of government devised thousands of years ago and which have been in practice for over 200 years, at best. Is not it ironic?

Democracy has been considered, and it is still judged as the best system of government devised by man. It's so good that it has been tried to be exported to other countries with zero or poor democratic traditions, resulting in quite discrete results in some cases, harmful in many of them. In front of democracy lie, of course, dictatorship, detestable totalitarian regimes. Faced with this dichotomy any good person should considered himself a democrat and defend democracy in any case under penalty of being tried, convicted and executed on the altar of political correctness.

But those who defend democracy as the best system of government ever, the government “of the people”, they ignore, deliberately or unintentionally all the abuses that have been committed “on behalf of democracy”. They also disregard the fact that democracy has evolved (if it was not that from the beginning) in a system where the majority prevails over the minority, where it is legitimized that others decide if you can love a person and if you are allowed to marry him or her, that you have to cover your hair with a veil or what you can eat and drink. Democracy is where others can vote to expropriate your house or your savings, to shut down your own company, to send your kids to war, to prevent you from taking your money abroad, to authorize the looting of your shops, to tell you whether you can smoke or not on your own home, to indebt your children and grandchildren for decades starting from today, to spy on you, to steal you, to lie to you... It is the uncountable the amount of abuses that have been committed throughout recent history in the name of democracy, by and for democracy. In the future the list can only grow.

Moreover democratic regimes have degenerated into a sort of class system where a political elite, growing in number, wealth and corruption, debases the people they govern, subduing them to all kinds of arbitrariness and whims. On the other hand the "people" feel themselves satisfied to live in democracy, because they can vote every X years believing that they choose who will rule, when the truth is that their vote has no influence at all.

What would you think if it were possible a system where your vote does have real influence in your life? What if you were able to choose how you want to live, work and enjoy your free time whatever others vote, think or believe? How would be the future if we could totally master our lives and be completely responsible for them and the decisions we make, including having to live according to what we voted? What if due to new technological advances such new system were not only possible, but also feasible and even desirable?

That system is Perfectopia.