The book

Perfectopia is a book, a novel that tells a story with its characters, its antagonists, their adventures and misadventures, with action, love, hate, death, hope and despair. So far, a normal novel.

The book begins in the present, in the current situation in Europe, particularly in Spain. The main action of the book take place in Madrid but it could be any city in Europe, and therefore the mentions both to Spain and to Madrid are minimal. The intention is that the readers feel themselves that the actions take place in their city regardless of where they live. At the same time, references to events (both in the reality and in the book) occurring in the rest of the world are constant, including clear references to the hottest events today.

Then the book moves forward, to the future, to a new world built by the author that derives from what is supposed to have occurred in Europe during the present decade. Unlike the books and films we are used to, that draw us a bleak future, dark, dominated by machines, by zombies; or where we have exhausted all the resources of the planet turning it into a huge desert; or they draw a fascist totalitarian society of "rich" and "poor" people where the poor must undergo “hunger games"; or where the "rich and powerful" migrate to other planets leaving the poor humans on Earth to starve… Perfectopia it is quite the opposite. Although it contains details of all of the above, it presents a hopeful future, where human being has overcome most of its current challenges, changing their way of thinking and acting, imposing themselves a change of mindset, and developing a future that, finally, will be worth our children to inherit. However Perfectopia does not only tells that great future that awaits us, but also along the plot of the book and through the conversations among the characters, it presents how to get it, which steps should the human being give in order to achieve that desired future. These steps are introduced briefly in the following two sections but are fully developed in the book.

Perfectopia is also a brutal criticism of many of the current mental schemes. The book takes, among others, one of the elements currently in vogue, the youth movements of anti-globalization and anti-capitalist protests that have spread around the world in recent years, and from a position of sympathy and trying to understand the reasons for their protests and attitudes, it smash them mercilessly . And the book does it in a very simple way: letting them win

But they are not alone. The book attacks many other prejudices from right to left of the political spectrum, prejudices that should be removed in order to reach Perfectopia.

We invite you to accompany the protagonists of this story on their journey, and to discover what humans could reach in the future if we were now able to radically change our mindset, our outdated way of looking at things and our preconceived ideas. Sounds difficult but for that has Perfectopia been written, to help all of you in this task.

We hope you like it.