Now you can be part of the world of Perfectopia!

Today we activated new sections on the website of the Perfectopia book. From today on you will feel a little more like a citizen of the New World Order, and choose how you will live for the next 4 years, even if it is just virtually. Each of the electoral options presents a brief electoral program with which they will try to attract your vote. Here you can read summaries of their programs, and here you can vote.

If you've read Perfectopia you know already what your vote means. If you have not read it yet be careful because in the New World Order voting implies much more than nowadays. In the New World Order the current decadent democracies are superseded by a new system that allows every citizen to live the way he or she wants, without majorities imposing on minorities or (even worse) minorities overpowering majorities, and preventing those voting one option top be affected by the people who voted other options. That is, all the shortcomings of the "less bad of the systems", as usually democracy is called, are overcome, allowing individual citizens to choose their own lifestyle. Therefore, if you choose "Plannees " or "Naturists", you´ll live as such for the next four years, with their advantages and disadvantages. You will be able to change options if you so wish during the next election period.

As explained here when talking about the book, Perfectopia is a novel, but it also intends to be something else. In fact it has a very ambitious goal: it aims to change the way we live today, highlighting the inconsistencies and shortcomings of the current systems, and especially, inconsistencies and pettiness of the citizens themselves. Would everybody do vote for the same option as they do today, if they had to suffer (or enjoy) each and every one of the consequences of their vote? It is likely that many would do so based on their principles, or because they think their system is the best system. But what would happen to that system if they cannot force other people to live under it any longer? What would happen to your system if suddenly all who disagree could vote differently, and therefore live differently? Would you still after 4 years keep voting the same?

These and other questions are the ones that Perfectopia intends to answer.

We invite you to exercise the right to vote as a citizen of the New World Order. The application also allows you to enter your country, the age range and gender. These statistics are also provided to visitors, which can filter the results to see the different trends.

If you like the idea, or you are just curious about what would happen in the New World Order under this new system, I invite you to share the website with your friends and colleagues, and we encourage you to venture into the new world of Perfectopia reading book . It will not leave you indifferent.

Welcome to Perfectopia

Over a year ago the concept of Perfectopia landed on my mind. I wrote an article summarizing these ideas for my personal blog, but it had little impact. However a German friend considered it a good idea, and after proposing me some improvements, he suggested me to extend it. From that day I began having in mind the development of this new concept. At first I thought about writing an essay, where I could break all the information down to the smallest detail. But who reads an essay of political philosophy with a strong libertarian influence except a couple of friends who are already convinced? Hardly a soul. Therefore, from the spring of 2013 I began to develop the idea into a novel format, through a story. It was when I finished reading Atlas Shrugged, the Ayn Rand's masterpiece what definitely convinced me: the best way to convey ideas is not through a complex and unintelligible essay or book of philosophy or ethics, but through a story which can hook the reader, and make him or her feel part of it.

Since May 2013 I started to build the story in my mind from the beginning to the end. I began writing it in October 2013, and I managed to finish the first draft during last Christmas. Since then several relatives and friends have thoroughly revised the book, helping me to polish it and better refine both the history and the language. On Monday January 6, Epiphany, I sent it to Manuel, my editor, to prepare it for publication. I know that everything has gone pretty fast, and I know that the book should have been subjected to deeper reviews by experts in medicine, economics and architecture. However I felt that it was urgent to publish the book as soon as possible, because what is told in the first two chapters and I wrote in October 2013, it has already begun to happen, and I was afraid that instead of a novel the book would became a chronicle of events.

Today we launched the website, which currently still has some empty sections that will not be completed until the book is published, in order not to disclose too many details of the story. Initially we plan to publish the first two chapters in Spanish for free download from this website in the coming days. Publication of the full book in Spanish is scheduled for the first or second week of February, although these dates may change. The publication will be only (for the time being) as e-book in Amazon for Kindle (or compatible applications) and for print-on-demand in physical format for readers who prefer to do so. In following weeks it is scheduled to publish it in other platforms such as iBooks or Google books, as well as e-pub, although this will depend on the success of the first publication.

The book will be published in English at a later date, probably around mid February the first two chapters for free downloading, and by mid-late March the entire book.

However I would like to remark that this is not just a book. It brings many other elements that will be released in the coming weeks and months. Because Perfectopia is not just a novel: Perfectopia is a whole new universe.

For the time being I invite you to surf the web, to familiarize yourself with the concepts of the book, images , logos ... In a few days you will be able to enjoy (or suffer , who knows) the first two chapters and shortly after the entire book.

I don´t know if the book will have more or less success, or if finally the essay would have been a better idea, but I enjoyed writing it so it was worth the effort. Regardless of its success, I sincerely hope that you like it.

In any case, welcome to Perfectopia.